Vol.10 No.1 (2015)

Growth and yield of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) as influenced by NPK, jatropha cake and organomineral fertiliser on an Alfisol in Ilorin, Southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria

A.A. Olowoake*, A.J. Ojo and O.S. Osunlola


A field experiment was conducted at Kwara State University, Malete, Ilorin, Nigeria during 2013 growing seasons to study the growth and yield of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) as influenced by NPK, jatropha cake and organomineral fertiliser on an Alfisol in Ilorin. The four treatments tested were; control, NPK, jatropha cake and organomineral fertiliser. The treatments were replicated three times in a randomised complete block design. Each treatment was applied at 100kg N/ha. The experiment lasted for over three month crop cycles. The parameters assessed were significantly influenced (p<0.05) by the applied fertilisers. Results of the experiment indicated that applications of organomineral Grade A fertiliser significantly (p< 0.05) increased plant height, stem girth, number of leaves, number of flower per plant, fruit weight and fruit yield as compared to NPK, jatropha cake and control. Okra fruit weight values obtained from organomineral Grade A, NPK and jatropha cake were 235.3, 207.7 and 157.7g respectively. Fruit yield values obtained from organomineral Grade A (6.53 t/ha) was also significantly (p< 0.05) higher than that of NPK values (5.75 t/ha). Although mineral fertiliser is cost effective, it is difficult to procure and cannot substantially redress the physical fragility of the soil. However, organomineral Grade A and jatropha cake are cheap, readily available and environmentally friendly as fertilizers. In conclusion, this study showed that organomineral Grade A applied at 100 kg N/ha could be effectively used as alternative to mineral fertiliser in growing okra on an Alfisol of Ilorin, Nigeria.

Keywords: Abelmoschus esculentus, fertiliser, growth, jatropha, yield.


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Department of Crop Production, Kwara State University Ilorin,
Kwara State, Nigeria. *Corresponding author:



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